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DCC residential wheelie bin reminder



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DCC residential wheelie bin reminder

Residential Enviro NZ wheelie bin services in the DCC area will be ending on 30 June 2024. We would like to express our thanks for using our services.

What does this mean for me?

  • Your final Enviro NZ bin collection will take place during June 2024 as currently scheduled. Please do not use this bin after your final scheduled pick-up.

  • Dunedin City Council (DCC) have begun delivering brand-new bins with collections commencing at the start of July 2024.

  • You should use your new DCC bins for your rubbish and recycling from this date.

What do I do with my old bin?

You are welcome to keep your Enviro NZ bin for personal use around your property. Possible uses include:

    • Storage for items like firewood, sports gear, large tools or outdoor cushions.

    • As a container for animal feed and bedding.

    • Use as a home composting bin or for excess garden waste.

  • Alternatively, we will be removing empty Enviro NZ bins from properties between 01 July and 19 July.

  • For bin removals, please ensure your bins are empty and on kerbside on the first working day after your normal collection day, and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Due to the scale of this project, it will take us a few weeks to remove Enviro NZ bins from those customers not wanting to keep them.

  • If you wish to drop your bin off to us you can do so at 29 Brighton Road, Green Island.

Payment and account impacts

  • Depending on your current payment type, one of the following will occur:

  • Your last Direct Debit payment was processed in June as normal. Your Direct Debit will then cease once your final payment has been processed

  • If your account is in credit after your last collection is invoiced, we will contact you to organise a refund of any remaining credit balance

  • If you have any automatic payment set up, please stop this with your bank once your final payment has been made to us.

For any queries regarding your DCC collections or DCC bins, please refer to the DCC website for more information.

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